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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
[Character Name] Constable Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti
[Canon] Flashpoint
[Point Taken from Canon] End of season 4.

[Age] late 30s
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Bi

[Eye Colour] Dark brown
[Hair Colour] Light brown
[Height] 5'9"
[Other] He's pretty nondescript, but obviously in good shape.
[Clothing] May be dressed in modern civilian clothing or full tactical gear.
[Background] Spike is an explosives and technical specialist in the (fictional) Strategic Response Unit of the Toronto Metropolitan Police. He grew up in Toronto to Italian-Canadian immigrant parents and lived with them until the death of his father, at which point his mother moved back to Italy. Within the past few years, he lost best friend and co-worker Constable Lewis Young, who was blown up by a landmine in the line of duty.
[Personality] Optimistic and easygoing. Very committed to helping others, even at risk to his own life.
[Specialities/Abilities] Proficiency with all types of modern firearms and explosives; advanced knowledge of chemistry, robotics, and computer security; first-aid; hostage negotiation.
[Affection] Spike is very easygoing and open-minded. He bugs his mun about wanting to hurt people. He's a rope geek and experiments with perverting his knowledge of robotics.
[Fighting] He's had lots of hand-to-hand combat training and is in good physical shape. He wouldn't say no to a sparring partner, but he isn't quick to anger -- unless you get on his bad side by threatening innocent people.
[Other Permissions] Telepaths and dreams are ok.

Mun and muse are above the age of majority.
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